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HORSE IN MOTION -  Byford Primary School  2016

Given Byford’s long and proud history of horse properties and training, it is not surprising that for artist Daniel Eaton the graceful movement of horses was an inspiring starting point for the sculptures and wall artworks throughout the Woodland Gove Primary School. ‘At first I tried to trace the movement of the horse hooves’, he said, ‘but then my drawings became more free flowing, like the movement of air and the strong winds that whirl around Byford from the Darling Scarp’.


The resulting entry sculpture and three internal courtyard sculptures subtly combine both of these Byford characteristics. Twisted ribbonlike forms that suggest the unpredictable tumble and turn of wind and air combine with high contrast striped straight poles similar to those used for equine sports.


With the exception of the entry sculpture, Daniel has used a combination of raw and painted aluminum. Each raw section is a single radius curve or arc, whereas the painted sections consist of multiple complex radii that form organic, free flowing curves. Intended for play and interaction, the smaller scale sculptures within the courtyards are of a height that children can easily clamber and climb on.


To complete the concept and assist with easy way finding throughout the school, Daniel has made a series of wall sculptures that match the colour scheme of the teaching blocks on which they are placed. Striped poles are placed adjacent to curved abstract shapes, there original three-dimensional twist and turn now implied through laser cut lines.




Art Coordinator:



Daniel Eaton

Horse in Motion

Maggie Baxter

Daniel Eaton

Department of Education

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