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UNION IN DISPARITY -  Willetton Senior High School  2017

Artist Daniel Eaton likes to confuse a little with his artwork. His series of three sculptures placed in newly landscaped courtyards are perfect for informal seating, creating natural meeting places for students to mix and mingle. Yet the elegant artworks are enigmas arising from Daniel’s dual fascination for geometry and computer aided design, which allows him to stretch and shift volume and shape on the screen before the physical task of hand fabrication.


Each sculpture consists of two objects loosely based upon a three sided prism and four-sided cuboid but hollowed, elongated, twisted and flattened in and out of the original shape. In each work the two objects intersect at a challenging angle somewhere near the mid point, forming a unique, unexpected yet harmonious and balanced relationship. Fabricated in aluminium, the vibrant red artworks vary in height from just above ground plane to 3 metres at the highest point. Strategically placed slats of timber provide refined detailing as well as practical seating.


The artworks are perfectly positioned within the spaciousness of the hard and soft landscaping. By using straight lines within an overall organic flow the sculptures contrast yet complement the linear qualities and flashes of bright colour of the bold new architecture.





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Daniel Eaton

Union in Disparity


Maggie Baxter

Daniel Eaton

Department of Education

Indira Jayawardena

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